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On this day in history (8/28)

1907, the United Parcel Service was founded in Seattle as the American Messenger Company. 1917, Comic book legend Jack “King” Kirby (he created Captain America, the Fantastic Four, and the X-Men, among many others) is born. He dies in 1994. 1922, the first radio commercial aired on WEAF in New York City. The 10-minute advertisement was for the Queensboro […]

Paul McCartney Rumors: NEW SINGLE & LP

Paul McCartney fans were celebrating a bit prematurely on what they thought was news about an imminent new single release from the “cute” Beatle. The Daily Beatle — formerly known as Wog Blog — reported that the French Wikipedia page on McCartney posted that a new single called, “A Life Of Mercy” was to be […]


A 1976 letter written by John Lennon to first wife Cynthia Lennon eight years after their divorce is going under the hammer today (August 9th) via RR Auctions, according to The letter, which is titled “an open letter to Cynthia Twist” — Cynthia’s married name — is dated November 15th, 1976 and was published […]

On This Date in History (7/28/17)

1729, the city of Baltimore was founded in Maryland. 1863, President Abraham Lincoln issued an Order Of Retaliation during the Civil War for the Union Army to shoot a rebel prisoner for every black prisoner shot by the Confederate Army. 1863 Automotive pioneer Henry Ford is born. He dies in 1947. 1898 Corn Flakes are invented by Will Kellogg. 1945, the cruiser […]