MONDAY-FRIDAY 7P – 12a The Night Shift With Craig Allen “The Night Shift with Craig Allen” is a fun, upbeat show, that plays the best music…from the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s…with personality! Whether you’re unwinding after a long day, running errands, preparing for the next morning…or even starting your workday, “The Night Shift with Craig […]


MONDAY-FRIDAY 2P – 7P Real Deal Bob Steele This summer, Rog celebrates his 50th Anniversary in Radio! “I did, in fact, jockey discs….and have the callouses to prove it!” The first song he ever played was “Green Door” by Jim Lowe….an oldie by the time Rog took to the airwaves! Roger Corey’s voice is among […]


MONDAY-FRIDAY 10A – 2P Katie Mclean I’ve been working in this biz (and by that, I mean radio) for almost 30 years in a lot of different ways.  I started out at a small station as a kind of radio flunkie, then went to Rochester, NY and worked as a part-timer, flew in a plane […]


MONDAY-FRIDAY 6A – 10A Real Deal Bob Steele I LOVE the classics, be it cars, clothes, or music. It’s what I collect and how I love. I have quite a collection of vintage goods and am always picking up more. I like to have fun and enjoy myself. I LOVE my listeners and love to […]