Bob Steele

Bob Steele

Yes that’s me, Bob Steele, the guy you see walking around in 20 degree weather.

I love to walk and ride bicycle and LOVE to be outside. I love music. I think the first thing I ever owned was a record with a pacifier attached to it. My collection of CDs and records (yes, I love vinyl!) is huge, could be about 5000! I truly live the lifestyle and collect anything mid century.

At the end of my day, whether it’s working at WOWY 97.1 or toying with my other passion, Volkswagens ( I have 2 hippie buses and a beetle), is to curl up on the couch with one or two records on the player or a classic movie from my collection, my cats Tang and Kitty-poo, and sometimes, a nice can of cheap beer.

Life is groovy.

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